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Pietro MilellaPietro Milella

Pietro Milella was born in Bari, he studied oboe in Italy with Pietro Borgonovo at the music school of Fiesole and with C.H. Elhorst at the Musikschule Konservatorium of Berna. He has done professional activities for many Symphonic Orchestras, doing several tournèes in Europe, China and Australia performing also as soloist. The recording of many CD of original music for wind instruments and the interest of the music critic, let him take part at various festivals as: Festival Talos of Ruvo di Puglia (BA), Donaueschingen  Musiktage Munster, Gasteig of  Munich (Germany), Concert Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie (Germany), Saalfeden, Helmut List Halle of Graz (Austria), Paris Festival de La Villette, Festival Sant Denise, Sablè, Le Mans, Opera of Lille Theatre (France),  Camerata Musicale Barese (Bari).   His interpretations have been really appreciated for the originality and the instrumental virtuosity playing the modern oboe, the English horn and the hautbois d’amour, in duo with piano, wind trio, quinte, woodwind quintet, wind quintet with piano and chamber orchestra.

He has recorded for the Sudwestfunk Germany, the ENJA, Bongiovanni and RAI and also specialized in the preparation (theoretical and practical) for wind ensemble and winds section of the orchestra, conducting numerous successful projects. He has been teaching the oboe at Italian State Conservatories since passing the competition  for state employment in 1990 and currently is professor at the Conservatory of Music "G. Tartini " in Trieste.

Oboe Lessons

A week of individual and collective classes, chamber music workshops and concerts, lots of enthusiasm for a good preparation of exams, competitions and auditions, suitable for active participants of all levels and for listeners.

WHERE: Italian Community in Pula - Circolo- Carrarina Street 1, 52100 Pula – Croatia


To build a solid technical base, to exchange ideas for beautiful musical performances, to encourage personal interests and to solve specific technical and emotional difficulties. To learn about different styles of performance and possible repertoires from Baroque to contemporary music, with the possibility to participate in cultural events. Special attention will be paid to the historical background of each author as a starting point for the discussion of the themes and the artistic interpretation.

Active learning in the classroom will include:

- basic breathing techniques and instrument playing techniques;

- techniques of construction and final processing of reed;

- instrument preparation techniques.


- 7 individual hours lasting 45 min.

- Chamber music with already formed ensembles.

- Chamber music workshops (with the possibility to play with musicians and other participants of the workshops)

- Concerts of the participants during the week of in which workshops are held.

Upon completion of the course, each participant will be presented with the Active Participant Certificate.  Listeners will be presented with a Certificate of Attendance as Passive Attendant-Listener.

** For special needs, individual classes can be organized, concentrated in two or three days, with the possibility to participate in student concerts.  Technical collective exercises and chamber music workshops last one week.


- Active participant: Euro 200

- Listener: Euro 100

- Formed ensemble: euro 135

- Fee: Euro 40


 Music is a lifestyle that needs to be lived.

 Each student has something special to offer and a specific goal to achieve.

Students will work on the technical difficulties of the selected repertoire, with customized exercises to overcome specific problems. The specificity of each student and his physical build will be taken into account. The generic approach is not suitable for teaching of how to play the instrument. We will look for and practice comfortable positions and look for the optimum type of reed.

The longstanding experience of the teaching professor of oboe and orchestra professor will be available to all participants.

For other information please contact:

Art Director Tatiana Šverko 00385 91 254 4131, 00385 99 210 88 26, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Pietro Milella (mobile phone n.: 0039 347 3112858 - email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )