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Ivano BrambillaIvano Brambilla (August 2nd-August 5th 2017)

He started his concerts career performing as solo artist at the Verdi hall of Coservatorio in Milan, together with the Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra, with great success of public and critics. He teaches clarinet, performs with different orchestras and plays chamber music within several formations. He recorded the entire composition for basset horn and clarinet by Mozart in collaboration with Antony Pay and other CDs of different genre and even jazz. He performed in many prestigious shows at the Strasburg Congress Hall, the Texas Tech University and the Columbus University U.S.A., Clarinet Festival of Pechino, Clarinetfest of Ostenda. He graduated for mandolin too, and he plays it as a true “virtuoso” performing its original literature, like Vivaldi concerts for mandolin and strings with The alla Scala Strings and The G. d’Arezzo Orchestra, with interesting transcriptions.