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Chiara Bertoglio was born in Turin in 1983, and began her piano education in 1986. She studied with Maria Rezzo, Ilonka Deckers, Emmy Henz-Diémand, Paul Badura Skoda, Sergio Perticaroli, Eugenio Bagnoli and Konstantin Bogino. In 1999 she graduated at Turin Conservatory with the highest score, with distinction and with honours. At the age of 17 she obtained the Swiss Diploma of “Virtuosité” with honours, followed in 2003 by the highest Italian degree (Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome), with distinction. She was the youngest woman ever to obtain this degree. In 2004 she was awarded the Fellowship at Trinity College London and a Master’s degree in 20th-century Musicology at the University of Rome. In 2006 she obtained an MPhil in Musicology at the University of Venice with distinction. In 2012 she obtained a PhD in Music Performance Practice at the University of Birmingham (UK). She also obtained a Master’s Degree in Theology at the University of Rome, with distinction, in 2008, and an MA in Systematic Theology (University of Nottingham, 2016), with distinction. She took part to piano and chamber music master classes given by A. Lonquich, E. Henz-Diémand, K. Bogino, A. Ciccolini, C. Zacharias, M. Voskressenskij, L. Fleisher and P. Badura-Skoda.

Following her first piano recital, at the age of 8, Chiara Bertoglio performed extensively in Europe, USA and Middle East, in venues including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, London’s Royal Academy (Messiaen Festival 2008) and the Royal College of Music, Salzburg (Mozarteum), Warsaw (Chopin Institute), Rome (Academy of S. Cecilia, Rome Philharmonic, Vatican City etc.), Florence (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino), Montepulciano (“Cantiere”), Perugia (Sagra Musicale Umbra), Mantova (Trame Sonore), Cervo (Festival), Palermo (Politeama), Turin (including MITO Settembre Musica, Unione Musicale, Polincontri Classica), Milan (Società dei Concerti, Conservatory etc.), and festivals including “Festival Mozart” in Rovereto, “Opera Barga”, “Imago Sloveniae”, “Wörthersee Classics” etc.

In 2005 her performance of a Mozart Piano Concerto at Carnegie Hall, with Leon Fleisher and the Curtis Chamber Orchestra, was greeted by The New York Times with words of appraisal. She performed in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Israel, Denmark, Norway. The Netherlands, Slovenia, Montenegro, with live and recorded broadcasts on radio and TV (including RAI, Canale 5, Radio3, Radio Vaticana, ORF, AVRO Klassiek, Polish and Slovenian Radio and TV, Sat2000 etc.).

Following her debut as a soloist with orchestra, at the age of eight and with Ferdinand Leitner, she performed solo concertos in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Switzerland, with, among the others, Rome Symphony Orchestra, European Union Chamber Orchestra, Curtis Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, Aargauer Symphonie Orchester, GAMS Ensemble, Ensemble Le Musiche, Orchestra Sinfonica Giovanile del Piemonte and many others, with conductors such as Francesco La Vecchia, Claudio Maria Micheli , Andrea Oddone etc.

She was awarded the First Prize at numerous competitions, including Muzio Clementi – Kawai, Franz Schubert, Schenk-Stiftung 2000, Forum pianistico internazionale di Chioggia 2003, XIII Concorso Pianistico Internazionale “Vanna Spadafora” and many others, including the “2000 Best Italian Graduate of the Year”. She was also awarded the “Orpheus” and “Bruson” medals for her artistic accomplishment; in 2016, she was awarded the Prize of the Pontifical Academies (Holy See) for her artistic merits.

She recorded many CDs; one of them was published by Panorama (two Mozart Piano Concertos for the 2006 celebrations with the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra), and anotherby Brilliant Classics (Respighi’s Toccata for solo piano and orchestra with Rome Symphony Orchestra). Further two albums were published by “Velut Luna” (Schubert’s complete Impromptus, and “Mors&Vita”, with works by Mussorgskij and Messiaen, both issued in 2012). Upcoming projects include a multi-CD set on Bach and Italy, for Da Vinci Osaka Records, the first volume of which has been issued in 2018.

She is an appreciated chamber music partner; among the others, she played with Konstantin Bogino, Marco Rizzi, Claudio Ronco, Elena Denisova, Cristiano Gualco, Giovanni Ricciardi, The Gustav Mahler Ensemble etc.

Following her first book on musicology, about Mozart’s piano and opera music (Voi suonate, amici cari, Marco Valerio, 2005), other volumes appeared for Effatà, including Musica, maschere e viandanti (2008, about Schubert and Schumann’s philosophy), Logos e Musica (2009, about the Christ in selected musical works), Per Sorella Musica (2009, about the Canticle of the Sun in 20th-century music), Through Music to Truth (2016); her most recent monograph, a 800-page book on music and the sixteenth-century Reformations (Reforming Music) has been published in 2017 by De Gruyter and won the 2018 RefoRC Book Award.

She wrote musicology articles that were published by “Early Music”, “Musica e Storia”, “AAA-TAC”, “Atti dell’Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti”, “Divus Thomas”, “British Postgraduate Musicology”, “TRANS”, “Archivio Teologico Torinese”, “Quaderni del Centro di Richerche Storiche di Rovigno”, “Reportata”, “Logoi”, “Tolkien Studies”. An essay by her was included in the Schnittke Anniversary Collection (“Schnittke-Studien”). She authored several lemmas for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (De Gruyter).

She presented papers at many international conferences of musicology, including the “Purcell, Haendel, Haydn and Mendelssohn” conference in Oxford, the Messiaen festival at the Royal Academy of London and many others. She lectured for the University of Turin, at the University of Birmingham, and for other higher education institutes in Italy and abroad.

She was invited as a Guest Professor of piano at the International Festival of Maribor (Slovenia, 2006-08). Since 2007 she regularly lectures at the Summer School of the “Studio Filosofico Domenicano” University. She teaches at several State Conservatories in Italy (Turin, Milan, Bologna, Perugia, Novara, Lucca).



Giorgio LovatoGiorgio Lovato has achived the diploma under the guide of M°C.Battel to the Conservatory “B.Marcello” in Venice with the maximum of the marks and than he perfect himself with 9 M°A.Mozzati. During that quinquennium of study he obtained a lot of prizes and recognitiones from the Italian Television for which he carried out live recordings. He carried out at first concertistica activity like soloista and in chamber formations he dedicated himself with a success to the didactics, so much that his students distinguished themselves for the victories and prizes in the most prestigiouse piano national Competitions. Since 1971 he had been professor of main piano: now he teachs to Conservatory of “B.Marcello” in Venice. He has been repeatedly invited to hold improvement course and stage to the Fondation of “S.Cecilia” in Portogruaro. He carries out actitvites of artistic Director at some musical Associations in Veneto and often he is invited to be a member of Jury in piano competitions.


Piano & Piano Duet


Tatiana Šverko born in Pula, she studied piano with the professors: K. Kirac ( Music School „I.M.Ronjgov“ Pula), G. Lovato (Conservatory „B. Marcello“ -Venice), P. Rattalino, T. Zelikmann, V. Tropp, G. Specchi and G. Lovato (Academy Refinement Portogruaro) and J. Zlatar (Music Accademy Zagreb). Now she is enrolled to the Master in Teaching piano at the Ljubljana University. She carries out intense concerts in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and Germany. She has worked with orchestras: „L'Estro Armonico“ (direrected by M. Mabilia), the Orchestra Fiumana (dir. M °. Modrušan), Orchestra „City of Trieste“ (dir. M. Semeraro) and Orchesterverainigung Freyung-Germany (dir.E.Sagmeister) and training chamber, as harpsichord, with the complex Baroque „Solisti Istriani“, in duo with flautist G. Blasco, Stojnić R., S. Stell, A.Musizza, C.Kobal, Piano duet with L. Angelini and A.Čuić (with whom she recorded a CD), with the sopranos A. Bossi, E. Matijašič, M.Prizzon, D.Del Monaco, clarinets G.Fonzari, B.Vatovec, with the Quartet „Malpera“ and Alpe Adria Consort, Basler Kammer Ensamble VIVALDI and “Camerata polensis”. She collaborated with the International Summer Music Festival Hortus Niger“ Verteneglio. She has recorded live for TV and Radio Koper and National radio-HRT- Radio Pula.In 2009 has take a trasmission „Pola più-From the magic world of  opera“. Since 1994 she has operated in the field teaching at the Centre for Studies of Classical Music „L. Dallapiccola“ to Verteneglio and Pula, the State Schools of Music "I.M. Ronjgov" in Pula and in Rovinj. She won numerous international prizes of Contests: "Rovere d'Oro" St. Bartholomew al Mare/Imperia, "Paul Harris" Verbania, "Istria Nobilissima" Rijeka. It is a member of the Croatian musicians (HGDU).Several years she is made inquiries and promotion about istrian music patrimony. She is creator and artistic director of  project “Arena International” Music Workshop in Pula.


Fabio SpruzzolaFabio Spruzzola (August 2nd-August 5th 2017)

Pupil of Giorgio Oltremari, he graduated at the Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan, where he atteded a two year Master level course with Maestro Paolo Chierici and graduated with top marks presenting a dissertation on Baroque music interpretation. He perfected his skills as guitar player with Oscar Ghiglia and Ruggero Chiesa and in the 80s he won numerous prizes and music competitions. He collaborated with the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, the Opera Theater of Genova and the Theater alla Scala of Milan for shows and representations of operas by Verdi, Rossini, Donizetti and Castelnuovo Tedesco. He has been on the musical scene as solo artist and within prestigious chamber music formations as The alla Scala Strings, the Scaligero Sestet and the Bergamo Orchestra for many years, playing and performing in concerts all over the world. He teaches guitar at the Conservatorio of Novara and taught at the Conservatorio of Milan, Udine and Verona. He taught advanced courses at the Hipponiana Academy of Reggio Calabria and at the Agimus of Viterbo.


Ivano BrambillaIvano Brambilla (August 2nd-August 5th 2017)

He started his concerts career performing as solo artist at the Verdi hall of Coservatorio in Milan, together with the Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra, with great success of public and critics. He teaches clarinet, performs with different orchestras and plays chamber music within several formations. He recorded the entire composition for basset horn and clarinet by Mozart in collaboration with Antony Pay and other CDs of different genre and even jazz. He performed in many prestigious shows at the Strasburg Congress Hall, the Texas Tech University and the Columbus University U.S.A., Clarinet Festival of Pechino, Clarinetfest of Ostenda. He graduated for mandolin too, and he plays it as a true “virtuoso” performing its original literature, like Vivaldi concerts for mandolin and strings with The alla Scala Strings and The G. d’Arezzo Orchestra, with interesting transcriptions.

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Leonardo DossoLeonardo Dosso

Leonardo Dosso, milanese, ha compiuto gli studi musicali sotto l’autorevole guida del Maestro Virginio Bianchi, diplomandosi in fagotto nel 1977 con lode, al Conservatorio di Milano “Giuseppe Verdi”. Vincitore assoluto di numerosi concorsi nazionali e internazionali (Stresa, Ancona, "Auditorium" della RAI, Cesena), sia da solista sia in formazioni da camera, ha subito intrapreso un'intensissima attività cameristica e orchestrale. Ha fondato gruppi storici, come il noto Quintetto Arnold, con il quale si è esibito in tutte le più rinomate sale da concerto del mondo. Il Quintetto Arnold è stato per vent’anni incontrastato protagonista di un intenso movimento cameristico nel repertorio contemporaneo; questa storica formazione ha interpretato con vivo successo oltre cinquanta prime assolute di autori quali Berio (“Ricorrenze” presso l’IRCAM di Parigi, presente Pierre Boulez), Donatoni (“Blow” nell’ambito della rassegna “Musica nel nostro tempo”), De Pablo, Einaudi, Francesconi, Maggi e moltissimi altri. Il Quintetto è stato invitato a tenere corsi in sedi prestigiose, fra le quali spiccano i Ferienkurse di Darmstadt. Sempre nell’ambito del Quintetto, Leonardo Dosso ha promosso la ricerca di manoscritti inediti del Classicismo (Cambini, Briccialdi), in seguito registrati in forma integrale per Stradivarius. Il lavoro svolto dal Quintetto è documentato in una decina di CD, sempre recensiti con apprezzamento sulla stampa specializzata, e spesso citati in autorevoli guide alla discografia mondiale. Innumerevoli le registrazioni richieste al Quintetto dalle maggiori radio internazionali (Darmstadt, Bruxelles, Parigi, Helsinki, Zurigo, ecc). Insieme a Omar Zoboli, Leonardo Dosso è stato fondatore dell’Ottetto Classico Italiano, formazione molto apprezzata a livello europeo nell’interpretazione del repertorio classico. Una collaborazione fra Ottetto Classico Italiano, Radio della Svizzera Italiana e l’etichetta discografica Stradivarius ha permesso la pubblicazione in CD del “Fidelio” di Beethoven in versione per ottetto di fiati. Per diversi anni Leonardo Dosso ha fatto parte anche della formazione “Alpe Adria Ensemble”, composta da musicisti dell’area mitteleuropea, con i quali si è esibito a Vienna, Budapest, Milano e nel resto d’Europa, registrando anche per l’etichetta Hungaroton. In parallelo all’attività cameristica, Leonardo Dosso è stato Primo Fagotto dell’Orchestra “I Pomeriggi Musicali” di Milano; in seguito ha ricoperto per 15 anni il medesimo ruolo nell'Orchestra Sinfonica RAI di Milano (fino alla chiusura). Dal 1994 a oggi collabora con le maggiori orchestre lirico-sinfoniche italiane (“La Fenice” di Venezia, “Comunale” di Bologna, “Carlo Felice” di Genova, Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino e altre). Da alcuni anni è anche Primo Fagotto dell’orchestra “Guido Cantelli” di Milano. Come solista si è esibito con l’orchestra RAI “Alessandro Scarlatti” di Napoli, l’orchestra RAI di Milano, l’orchestra “Accademia” di Parma, l’orchestra “Angelicum” di Milano, e altre. Importanti formazioni internazionali hanno richiesto la sua collaborazione: fra queste, Lindsay Quartet, Arditti Quartet, Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Il Complesso Barocco, Accademia Bizantina, Il Concerto Italiano, I Barocchisti e numerose altre. Negli ultimi anni Leonardo Dosso si è dedicato con successo alla pratica degli strumenti d’epoca (fagotto barocco e fagotto classico), registrando per prestigiose case discografiche quali Deutsche Grammophon, Archiv, Virgin. Già docente di fagotto dei Conservatori “Arrigo Boito” di Parma e “Guido Cantelli” di Novara, dal 2005 Leonardo Dosso insegna presso il Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” di Milano.

Prezentacija radionice

Posebnost ove Radionice je educiranje i formiranje studenata fagotista u specifičnoj solističkoj staroj, modernoj i suvremenoj literaturi: repertoaru i solističkih dionica u orkestru, komornoj glazbi s puhačim instrumentima, posebno s Puhačkim kvintetima, Oktetima i drugim s kojim imam dugogodišnje iskustvo u aktivnom muziciranju.

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Romano PucciNicola Mansutti

Dopo gli studi musicali presso il Conservatorio “J.Tomadini” di Udine si è perfezionato con il m° Fister (Klagenfurt), il m° Volochine e la m° Berinskaja (Portogruaro-VE),il m° Bogdanovich, il m° G.Guglielmo (spalla  Orchestra della “ Fenice”  e  Accademia di S.Cecilia), il m° Koch (spalla Orchestra Filarmonica del Lussemurgo) presso il Conservatorio del Lussemburgo, il m°Alessandro Moccia (spalla Orchestra degli Champs Elysées - Parigi), il m° Rabaglia (Trio di Parma), il m° R.Baldini (Hochschule di Lipsia). Ha coltivato l'interesse per l'analisi e la composizione seguendo i corsi tenuti dal m° Zanettovich. Ha approfondito aspetti di tecnica e prassi esecutiva antica frequentando seminari e corsi, in particolare per il violino barocco col M° S.Montanari (Accademia Bizantina), con il M° G. Fava (Sonatori della Gioiosa Marca) e per ensemble barocco con T. Koopman (Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra). Per diversi anni è stato i violinista della Venice Baroque Orchestra.  Parallelmente, la dedizione allo studio del Novecento storico e alla musica contemporanea lo ha portato a prime esecuzioni di numerosi compositori tra i quali Solbiati, Silvestrini, Solares, Magnoni, Bloland, Sivilotti, Zanettovich, Miani, Perocco e molti altri.

 In qualità di camerista ha suonato per numerose associazioni e rassegne in Italia ed all’estero, in alcune fra le più importanti sale da concerto nei seguenti Paesi : Austria (Musikverein, Konzerthaus - Vienna), Spagna (Teatro Nazionale - Madrid, Teatro Liceu - Barcellona), Francia (Salle Pleyel e Theatre des Champs Elysees - Parigi),  Lussemburgo, Germania (Hercules Saal - Monaco), Olanda (Concertgebouw -Amsterdam),USA (Carnegie Hall- New York, Disney Hall- Los Angeles),  Belgio,  Slovenia (Zankariev Dom - Lubiana),  Croazia, Polonia (Philarmonic Hall-Cracovia), Grecia (teatro Megaron-Atene), Repubblica Ceca (Rudolfinum - Praga), Albania, Romania, Canada, Tunisia , Egitto, Brasile (San Paolo-Memorial da America latina, Bélem-Teatro da Paz), Argentina (Teatro Coliseum - Buenos Aires), Cile, Uruguay (Teatro Solis - Montevideo), registrando per le etichette Agorà, Rivo Alto, RS, ArteSuono, Tau Kay, EpicMusic, Talents, Koinè records, Alfa Music, Rainbow Classics, Archiv, Deutsche Grammophone, SWR, RAI e Radio Televisione Catalana.

 L' attenzione costante per la musica da camera l'ha portato a  fondare il quartetto d’archi Pezzè, intitolato al compositore, didatta e musicologo Piero  Pezzè, compiendo i propri studi di quartetto sotto la guida del m° F.Rossi (Quartetto italiano), del m°  B. Baraz, del m° V. Berlinsky (Quartetto Borodin), del m° B. Giuranna e del Nuovo  Quartetto  Italiano , ottenendo  riconoscimenti in concorsi nazionali e internazionali.

La sua natura eclettica l’ha portato a collaborare anche con  "Cinemazero"  di Pordenone e  con  la  “Cineteca  del   Friuli”  nella esecuzione dal vivo di alcune colonne sonore di  film muti tra i quali 

" La Sentinella della Patria "(primo film muto girato in FVG) pubblicato in CD/DVD e dal 2012 è il violinista del Quinteto Porteño, specializzato in tango-jazz (il recente disco “Rinascimento” distribuito da Egea ha riscosso un ottimo successo di critica e diffusione nelle radio nazionali). Sempre nell’ottica di conoscenza di nuovi linguaggi musicali ha partecipato a progetti con gruppi jazz e gospel fra i quali il “G.Venier Quartet”, il “FVG Gospel Choir”, registrando alcuni dischi (una fiaba musicale, il cd “Gorizia”, ed altri).

  Ha collaborato con numerosi ensemble e orchestre fra i quali, l’Orchestra del Teatro “G.Verdi” di Trieste, l'Orchestra Sinfonica del FVG, la FVG Mitteleuropa Orchestra, l’Orchestra d’Archi Italiana, l’Orchestra Filarmonica del FVG, l’Orchestra Barocca “Tiepolo”, la Venice Baroque Orchestra, l’Ensemble Anticameraviglia, l’Accademia di S.Giorgio (VE), il NovArt Baroque Ensemble, l’Ensemble Mikrokosmos, il Nonetto “Stravinsky”, l’Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta “G.F.Malipiero”,  La Nuova Orchestra “F.Busoni”,  l’Orchestra “Les musiciennes” del Lussemburgo.


Pietro MilellaPietro Milella

Pietro Milella was born in Bari, he studied oboe in Italy with Pietro Borgonovo at the music school of Fiesole and with C.H. Elhorst at the Musikschule Konservatorium of Berna. He has done professional activities for many Symphonic Orchestras, doing several tournèes in Europe, China and Australia performing also as soloist. The recording of many CD of original music for wind instruments and the interest of the music critic, let him take part at various festivals as: Festival Talos of Ruvo di Puglia (BA), Donaueschingen  Musiktage Munster, Gasteig of  Munich (Germany), Concert Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie (Germany), Saalfeden, Helmut List Halle of Graz (Austria), Paris Festival de La Villette, Festival Sant Denise, Sablè, Le Mans, Opera of Lille Theatre (France),  Camerata Musicale Barese (Bari).   His interpretations have been really appreciated for the originality and the instrumental virtuosity playing the modern oboe, the English horn and the hautbois d’amour, in duo with piano, wind trio, quinte, woodwind quintet, wind quintet with piano and chamber orchestra.

He has recorded for the Sudwestfunk Germany, the ENJA, Bongiovanni and RAI and also specialized in the preparation (theoretical and practical) for wind ensemble and winds section of the orchestra, conducting numerous successful projects. He has been teaching the oboe at Italian State Conservatories since passing the competition  for state employment in 1990 and currently is professor at the Conservatory of Music "G. Tartini " in Trieste.

Oboe Lessons

A week of individual and collective classes, chamber music workshops and concerts, lots of enthusiasm for a good preparation of exams, competitions and auditions, suitable for active participants of all levels and for listeners.

WHERE: Italian Community in Pula - Circolo- Carrarina Street 1, 52100 Pula – Croatia


To build a solid technical base, to exchange ideas for beautiful musical performances, to encourage personal interests and to solve specific technical and emotional difficulties. To learn about different styles of performance and possible repertoires from Baroque to contemporary music, with the possibility to participate in cultural events. Special attention will be paid to the historical background of each author as a starting point for the discussion of the themes and the artistic interpretation.

Active learning in the classroom will include:

- basic breathing techniques and instrument playing techniques;

- techniques of construction and final processing of reed;

- instrument preparation techniques.


- 7 individual hours lasting 45 min.

- Chamber music with already formed ensembles.

- Chamber music workshops (with the possibility to play with musicians and other participants of the workshops)

- Concerts of the participants during the week of in which workshops are held.

Upon completion of the course, each participant will be presented with the Active Participant Certificate.  Listeners will be presented with a Certificate of Attendance as Passive Attendant-Listener.

** For special needs, individual classes can be organized, concentrated in two or three days, with the possibility to participate in student concerts.  Technical collective exercises and chamber music workshops last one week.


- Active participant: Euro 200

- Listener: Euro 100

- Formed ensemble: euro 135

- Fee: Euro 40


 Music is a lifestyle that needs to be lived.

 Each student has something special to offer and a specific goal to achieve.

Students will work on the technical difficulties of the selected repertoire, with customized exercises to overcome specific problems. The specificity of each student and his physical build will be taken into account. The generic approach is not suitable for teaching of how to play the instrument. We will look for and practice comfortable positions and look for the optimum type of reed.

The longstanding experience of the teaching professor of oboe and orchestra professor will be available to all participants.

For other information please contact:

Art Director Tatiana Šverko 00385 91 254 4131, 00385 99 210 88 26, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Pietro Milella (mobile phone n.: 0039 347 3112858 - email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Romano PucciRomano Pucci

He studied with Silvio Clerici, graduating with honors from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. In 1980 he won the first prize at the International Competition of the Orchestra of the Italian Swiss Radio, confirming that he was a virtuoso among the finest and most versatile of his generation.

The well-known composer Goffredo Petrassi called him an "model performer", the newspapers wrote of him as"... a magic flute..." For many years the first flute of the prestigious Philharmonic Orchestra and of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, he held concerts and produced operas and ballets in the most prestigious theaters in the world, working with the best conductors such as Muti, Abbado, Mehta, Kleiber, Prêtre, Maazel, Bernstein, Sinopoli, Barenboim, Chailly.

He is habitually invited as a soloist by important ensembles such as the Archi della Scala, and has performed in a recent concert with the famous soprano Mariella Devia.

He has participated in various television and radio shows on the Italian state television – RAI and abroad: he has been invited to perform as a guest at major events such as the "Gala-XLIV Silver Mask1995" and "Telethon 1996".

During the "Premio Nino Rota" (Rome 1997) he presented, alongside Oriella Dorella, a particular arrangement of the ballet "La Strada", while in the summer of 1998 he performed a tour in the most beautiful theaters in Sicily, such as the Greek Theatre (Taormina), the Theater of the Temples (Selinunte), starring alongside Luciana Savignano (both prima ballerinas of the Teatro alla Scala).

He was the musical protagonist in some of the productions of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan: "Letters by Mozart to the family" and "Torment circles around the heart" collaborating with great actors such as Franca Nuti and Giancarlo Dettori.

He is a professor at the Academy of the Teatro alla Scala and has been invited to hold Master Classes in Italy and abroad.

He collaborates as first flute with the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome.

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Sabine Rössert-KoyeSabine Rössert-Koye

Sopranistica Sabine Rössert-Koye  veže svoj život za muziku vrlo rano. Sa 17. godina započinje studij pjevanja sa prof. Michael Schopperom na Kozervatoriju Richard-Strauss u Münchenu (Bavarska), na kojemu  intenzivno i temeljito uči  Operu i koncertno pjevanje.

Odmah nakon studija nagrađena je na Međunarodnom natjecanju u nizozemskom gradu S'Hertogenbosch. Istovremeno debitira u mozartovoj “Die Zauberflöte” u Staatstheater u Mainzu. Umjetnički put pod vodstvom G.đe Ingeborg Bremert vodi je i u Heidelbergu, Freiburgu, Beču, Salzburgu, Innsbrucku, Istanbulu, kao i u Švicarskoj, Engelskoj, Italiji i Španjolskoj. 

Njezin sopranov repertoar seže od renesansne do moderne glazbe i obuhvaća opere, sakralna djela i svjetsku literaturu na osam različita jezika, kao i operetu, musical, liederistiku i tradicionalni bečki Heurigenlied.

Najnovija 2 Live CDa, brojne radio i televizijske snimke kao i njezin novo-osnovani umjetnički ansamble "Salonquartett-Capriccio", zaokružuju njezinu aktivnost.

Od 2007.god., zahvaljujući  svojim specijalizacijama u Logopediji i  Vokalnoj tehnici, docentica je studija Pjevanja na Univerzitetu u Regensburgu (na Fakultetu umjetnosti i socijalnih znanja pri Institutu za muzikologiju i glazbenu pedagogiju) i na Filozofskom fakultetu  (na odsjeku za Glazbenu pedagogiju) u Passau.


Piano & piano duet, accompaniment

Leonardo AngeliniThe Roman pianist Leonardo Angelini gained his Diploma with Honours in piano under the guidance of Elio Maestosi, pupil of Alfredo Agosti and Alfred Cortot. He later attended Masterclasses held by Vlado Perlemuter, György Sándor and then High Specialization courses held by Piero Rattalino and Aldo Ciccolini. He furthermore studied composition with Vieri Tosatti, and gained his degree Magna cum Laude at “La Sapienza” University of Rome and a solid training as opera and lied accompanist.
Along with his career as solo pianist (his recital repertoire ranges from Mozart to Hindemith, and his repertoire with orchestra includes concertos from Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt) his collaborations  with singers and instrumentalists (duo, trio and quintet with strings) were always a major part of his activity.
He worked with Opera Houses and Institutions such as Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Opéra de Lausanne, Teatro Marrucino di Chieti, Europäische Akademie für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Köln, singers such as Fiorenza Cossotto,  June Anderson, Luciana Serra, Bernadette Manca di Nissa, Gianni Raimondi, Renato Bruson, Jaume Aragall, Louis Alva, conductors such as Maurizio Arena, Bruno Aprea.
Since 1999 he collaborates with the Ateneo Internazionale della Lirica in Sulmona where he is also since 2001 the official accompanist of the prestigious “Maria Caniglia” International Singing Competition, and from 2004 to 2006 he worked with Mirella Freni, Sergio Bertocchi, Lamberto Puggelli and Eva Wymola at the Centro Universale del Bel Canto in Vignola.
He has recorded for Vatican Radio and was official accompanist of the International Singing Competitions “Fedora Barbieri”, “Benvenuto Franci”,  “Mario Lanza”, “Cappuccilli, Patanè, Respighi”, “Myricae”, “Lauri Volpi”.


Organ and Church Music

Eugen SagmeisterEugen Sagmeister born in 1940 in Graz, Austria then moved with parents to Passau, german town on Danube on the austrian border where he has gradueted professional mechanic school. From 1965 to 1970 he has studied and graduated Sacral music at Bruckner Academy in Linz, Austria. He is conducter of chorus and organist in St. Paul's church in Passau/Germany, from 1964 to 1970.  In 1971 bishop from Passau gave him the town Freyung to be the chappelmaster there and to control the work in Freyung, Grafenau and Regen. He was working in this region in Bavarian's forest in order to educate the chorus conducters, organists and the sacral singers. From 1972 he is chorus conducter in Freyung's parrish. At 1973 he has founded Town Music School of Freyung and was the headmaster until 1983. From 1974 he is the conducter of  chamber orchestra of  Freyung. In the last 15 years he has promoted project to help sacral church music sponsoring more than 150 organs (from german organ constructor Ahlborn) in Croatia, from Istria to Vukovar. And so at 2002 he becomes honour citizen of  Pula.


Violin & Chamber Music


Delio Malpera born in Pula where he attended the High School musical. He continued studies at the Music Academy in Zagreb studying with professors.: Vrbančić, Petrović Pinkav and Košir. After graduating in 1975, continued his studies in Basel in Switzerland, in Class M ° R. Lorković, assistant director of the renowned Max Rostal. Both as a soloist and in chamber formations, collaborates with renowned artists (R. Filjak, M. Fasbaender, M.Flies-Štimatović, J. Kolundžija, Lj.Gašparović, Z. Dukić, F. Došek and ,...), in formations such as „European Masters Orchestra“, in the Quartet „Pro Arte“ with the Chamber Orchestra „Solisti Istriani“. In 1994 he founded the Quartet „Malpera“. He performed in Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, Ukraine, Austria, South Korea, Sweden and Croatia. As a teacher, he works in Zagreb and his students participating in national and international competitions reporting excellent results. He participated to several juries of competitions for violin and viola, at regional and national level. He was part of the Music Summer School in Medulin in 1994. He is member of „HGDU“ (Society of Croatian musicians). He has the title of professor consultant for the violin.


Violin, chamber music and orchestra

Natalija Čabrunić PfeifeThe violinist Natalija Čabrunić Pfeifer was born in 1977 in Pula, Croatia, where she graduated in violin in 1995 at the High Music School Ivan Matetić Ronjgov and in musical theory department in 1996. In 1996 she started violin studies at the Music Academy in Ljubljana and in 2001 successfully graduated in the class of prof.Monika Skalar. Since 2000 he has been regularly employed as a member of SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana Orchestra in the first violins and in 2011 acquired the title "acclaimed orchestral musician".

Already at an early age she has performed solo as well as in chamber ensembles locally and abroad. She has played in the baroque ensemble Istrian soloists, Piano Quartet Pro et Contra, Duet flute/violin Pas de deux, String Quartet Rožmarin (concerts in Slovenia and Germany) and Trio Entuziastik for which she writes its own arrangements. She was also a member of chamber orchestras Pro Arte, Slovenicum and Camerata Slovenica. She regularly cooperates with numerous renowned orchestras at home and abroad as part of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra SNG Maribor, Orchestra of University of Juraj Dobrila Pula, International Orchestra of Sarajevo and other orchestras with which they also play for charity.

As a soloist she performed with the Orchestra SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana and the City of Pula Wind Orchestra.

She writes her own arrangements for solo violin ,duet voice/violin, duet violin/bassoon, duet violin/viola, string trio and piano trio (piano, violin and flute).

She recorded music for various theater and puppet shows, rock groups, as well as movies in Slovenia and Croatia.

She is multiple-time winner of the International Competition Istria Nobilissima in Rijeka where she won the 2nd award in 2000 and received a special award for the best interpretation in 2002 and 2004.

She has been in several master classes with world-famous pedagogues and violinists such as Asja Koucher, Maja Dešpalj Begovic and Stefan Milenkovic.

She has performed as a solo violinist at a number of important openings of exhibitions of famous painters such as Vatroslav Kulis, Josip Racic, Leo Junek, and she has opened the evenings of poetry of known poets. She often plays as a soloist at the Prešeren awards and other awards and diplomas at Ljubljana faculties.

From 2004 to 2009 she taught violin at the Music School Fran Gerbic in Cerknica. Her enthusiasm and great love for the pupils was the key for success of her students which have regularly entered national and international competitions and received numerous awards and recognitions. In 2007 she received a special recognition from the mayor of the municipality Cerknica for successfully mentoring during the school year 2006/2007.

In 2008 she started another wonderful life journey, which in addition to the violin and her family further fulfills her heart and her personality can be completely expressesed. Her unique jewelery and hand-decorated glass vases in so far unknown technique fascinate and delight the proud owners of her jewelry over and over again.

She speaks Slovenian, Croatian, Italian and English. In 2014 she successfully graduated 3rd degree of Hebrew language via the Internet at the Academy for the Hebrew Language in Jerusalem. She also speaks French and Spanish.

Natalija Čabrunić Pfeifer is an artist who demonstrates with her career, character, strong temperament, enthusiasm for life and with her love for her hometown Pula ,that it is not difficult to realize wishes, if it is really what the heart wants.


Cello and Chamber Music

Dubravka JančićDubravka Jančić was born in Zagreb in 1973. She graduated the piano in 1989 (studying with Prof. Ž. Milić) and the cello in 1992 under the tutleage of Prof. S. Prašelj, after which she enrolled in the Music Academy in Zagreb studying cello with Prof. Valter Dešpalj. During university she was a member of numerous chamber ensambles, from guitar duets to cello octets (Cellomania).  She took part in several  master classes conducted by Prof. D. Grigorjan, M. Steinkuller, and V. Dešpalj. In addition, she participated as a member of the Baroque Trio IDA for 10 years, with many appearances abroad and in Croatia. After graduation, she worked one year at the Ivan Zajc School of Music, and later at the Blagoje Bersa School of Music where, besides teaching cello, she leads the chamber music and primary school string orchestra. She transfers her love of chamber music to her students and together they have won numerous awards at regional and state competitions and performed at all major events of the School.  As of 2010 she is also a member of the Piano Trio Bersa.



Guitar & Chamber Music

Zarko Ignjatovic

Žarko Ignjatović was born in Pula in 1961. Before joining the Academy of Music in Zagreb participate successfully in various competitions for young musicians. From 1981 he studied simultaneously in Zagreb and Graz (Austria) to the „Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst“ (high school music and applied arts). He has actively participated in numerous seminars and courses taught by world-renowned artists: J. Bream, J. Williams… In 1983 he graduated at Zagreb in class prof.D.Petrinjak . In 1987 he graduated with honors in Graz also in the class of 1995 complete of theprof.M.Bäuml Klasinc. During the postgraduate studies at the „Mozarteum-Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst“ in Salzburg (Austria) in the class of prof. E.Fisk. Since 1984 he has lived and has worked in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which continues his rich musical performing assets in many concerts and participating in various competitions. He teaches on the Faculty of Pedagogy of Maribor and the School of Music and Ballet of Ljubljana. Addition to perform solo concerts, collaborated with several chamber complex. Regularly he recodes for radio and national TV. Till now he has recorded 2 CDs as Soloist, and several in chamber music.


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Flauta i suvremeni mediji

Edoardo MilaniEdoardo Milani je studirao klavir i flautu pri Glazbenom konzervatoriju G.Tartini u Trstu. Nakon toga diplomirao je studij Glazbe i nove tehnologije te Kompoziciju elektronske glazbe. Stalno surađuje s nekoliko Radio-televizijskim postajama kao RTV Slovenija, RAI (Državna talijanska radio televizija) i RSR kao programer-režiser i glazbeni urednik. Djelovao je kao glazbeni pedagog u raznim privatnim glazbenim institucijama. Trenutno predaje pri Glazbenoj školi u Kopru. Snimio je nekoliko nosača zvuka sa svojom glazbom.

Jezici: talijanski (***), engleski (***), francuski (**), slovenski (*)

Umjetnička suradnja u Areni International 2015

1 – radionice komorne glazbe manjih ansambla mladih instrumentalista (Intonacija, dinamika, analiza partiture, interpretacija, teknika disanja, itd...)

2 – radionica kompozicije elektronske glazbe za instrumentaliste (početni niveau) *

3 – radionica kompozicije elektronske glazbe za instrumentaliste (napredni) *

*kako pojačati  instrument, upravljanje efektime, akustične potrebe u koncertnom prostoru, softwer za komponiranje i za live electronics

4 – radionica za Video-music
[na kraju svake radionice predstaviti će se rad polaznika]

5 – analiza i interpretacija flautističkog repertoara (početnički i srednji niveau)

6 – suradnja u orkestru i u komornim ansamblima

7 – video –dokumentacija i postavljanje on line naših događanja

Kvartet Bora

Kvartet flauta Bora

Kvartet flauta BORA je komorni ansambl osnovan 2011. godine. Sastavljaju ga flautisti Paula Benčić, Claudia Martorel, Micol Mechi i Edoardo Milani. Različiti studijski perkursus utjeće upravo i na njihov odabir repertoara koji je svestran ali dosljedan: od baroka pa do pop glazbe, kroz suvremenu glazbu i jazza. Cilj takve ponude je približiti publiku na susret s flautističkim kvartetom.
Naziv „Bora“ ima više značaja:  4. slova kao i početna slova imena glazbenika, ime vjetra Bura ( tal.bora) koje je karakteristično za geografsko podrijetlo glazbenika i koje se nadovezuje na vibraciju zraka u flauti.

Laboratorio di interpretazione musicale elettronica per strumentisti e compositori

Anche nella musica si parla sempre più spesso di realtà aumentata ovvero di sistemi che incrementano il livello percettivo di uno spettatore. E’ sempre più importante perciò per lo strumentista contemporaneo esercitare una certa padronanza anche sulla tecnologia più semplice per essere in grado di accedere a nuove possibilità espressive.

In questo modulo verranno presentati i principali sistemi che permettono anche al musicista inesperto in campo informatico di sperimentare in modo semplice e creativo queste nuove possibilità sia dal punto di vista della prassi esecutiva che da quello dell’elaborazione del segnale in funzione della creazione artistica. I corsi individuali rivolti a qualsiasi livello verranno personalizzati in base alla creatività del candidato: performance live, improvvisazione, composizione musicale elettronica, interpretazione di opere elettroacustiche già esistenti per il proprio strumento.

Edoardo Milani ha studiato pianoforte, flauto presso il conservatorio G. Tartini di Trieste dove attualmente è iscritto al corso di Oboe. Diplomato in musica elettronica e composizione videomusicale presso lo stesso conservatorio, si occupa di produzione musicale e radiofonica. Compositore e arrangiatore ha una lunga esperienza anche come didatta avendo lavorato per varie istituzioni private e recentemente presso la scuola di musica di Capodistria. Oltre alle varie esperienze internazionali (Università Pompeu Fabra di Barcelona e Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de dance di Lione) è stato direttore tecnico del festival di musica contemporanea “Luigi Nono”.



Clarinet & Bas Clarinet

Tadej KenigTadej Kenig is a principal clarinetist of National Opera Ljubljana and a professor at the Music academy Ljubljana, where he graduated in the clarinet in the class of Slavko Goričar before concluding his postgraduate studies with distinction and obtaining his master's degree in solo performance under renowned clarinetist and teacher François Benda at the Basle Academy of Music in 2004. He continued with further studies in masterclasses (clarinet, chamber music) conducted by eminent musicians (A. Carbonare, T. Demenga, A. Vardi, M. Kliegel, F. Hermann, H. Beyerle). He has won a number of awards at various competitions, prominent among them being first prizes in the categories of chamber music and clarinet at the Slovenian National Competition for Young Musicians in 2000 and 2001, as well as the first prize in the category of solo clarinet at the Marco Fiorindo International Competition in the Italian city of Turin in 2002. Mr. Kenig has also received the Prešern Award of Ljubljana University for special achievement in music.
He has given successful performances in Slovenia and abroad as a soloist and chamber musician playing with Adriars Trio and Artvento Wind Quintet. A list of countries where he played includes Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Croatia, and others. He has played with the Slovenian Philharmonic, Basle Symphony Orchestra, Bratislava Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra of the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana, Ensemble Cantus under the batons of renowned conductors, such as Marko Letonja, Stefan Sanderling, Othmar Maga, Loris Voltolini, Berislav Šipuš...
He was involved in projects of contemporary composers such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Heinz Holliger, Jürg Henneberger, Jürg Wyttenbach,...His brilliant and skillful performances have inspired a number of Slovenian composers to dedicate their compositions to him.
Critics praised his performances of Thea Musgrave and Pierre Boulez's compositions given at a recital opening the 24th Music Biennale Zagreb, an international festival of contemporary music, in April 2007 and at the Electromediaworks festival in Athens in May 2008. His first integral performance of all the compositions released on CD, published by Cantus, d.o.o., was given to both a public and critical brilliant acclaim at a concert in early July last year at the Great Hall of the Slovenian Philharmonic. With his woodwind quintet Artvento he released a CD „Molly Brallaghan« at the German label Woopee Records.
He is a guest lecturer at the Ljubljana (Slovenia) Academy of music.
In November 2008 he had concerts and workshops in Ljubljana (Akademija za glasbo, Slovenia), Berlin (UDK), Basel (Musikakademie der Stadt Basel) and in Lugano (Conservatorio Della Svizzera Italiana).
In November 2009 he was a clarinetist-soloist in residence in Aberdeen’s S.O.U.N.D Scotland festival of new music and a lecturer in University of Aberdeen.
He was invited by the HGDPP (Croatian society of music and dance pedagogues) for a masterclass in Varaždin.
In autumn 2010 the label Aucourant Records (Atlanta, USA) will launch his new CD with the works of an american composer, Robert Scott Thompson, te leader of composition department at the Georgia State University.
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Truba i brass ansambl

Paul WindschüttlPaul Windschüttl rođen je 1954.god. u Thansteinu u Bavarskoj/Oberpfalz. Nakon Mature upisao je studij Crkvene glazbe na Hochschule rür Katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik u Regensburgu. Nastavlja studij Trube koji pohađa u klasi  Prof. Willy Bauera  od 1980. do 1983.god. a nakon toga pod mentorstvom Paula Lachenmeira na Hochschule für Musik u Minchenu a kasnije i studij Čembala i Basso continuo s Domorganist-om Eberhard Krausom u Regensburgu.
Paul Windschüttl je svestrani talent. Pored svog angažmana kao Direktor  Landkreismusikschule Cham (glazbene škole regije Chama), izuzetan je solist Trube, član poznatih Orkestra i Ansambla, orgljaš, dirigent, docent na Univerizitetu u Regensburgu i  Hochschule für Kath. Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik u Regensburgu i kompozitor.
Mnogobrojne Koncertne turneje povele su ga cijelom Europom, u SAD-u, Aziji i u Kini,  Hongkongu i Shanghaiu. Među ostalim priznanjima, Paul Windschüttl je nagrađen Medaljom za zaslugu Savezne Republike Njemačke dodjeljena od njemačkog predsjednika Horst Köhlera za njegov doprinos u glazbi i kulturi i kao umjetniku.



Alessandro SvabAlessandro Svab, born in Trieste, he was eighteen when he entered his city chorus at Verdi Theatre. Svab makes his debut in 1985, in Rimskij-Korsakov's Mozart e Salieri. Afterwards he follows some specializing course at Accdemia Chigiana in Siena and attending courses on Mozart's vocal expression held by M° Claudio Desderi at Fiesole's Music School. His international debut has taken place in 1990 at International Britten Festival in Aldburgh (GB) in Pulcinella, Falstaff and Don Giovanni. In 1993 Svab won the XXV Toti Dal Monte International Competition as Conte Rodolfo in Bellini's Sonnambula. In the same year, he makes his debut in Milan at La Scala in Spontini's Vestale directed by M° Riccardo Muti. He's back for the first absolut perfomance of Tat'jana by C. Corghi directed by Peter Stein and afterwards in Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia, staged by Hugo de Ana and directed by M° Renato Palumbo. His intense opera career has led Svab in Europe's most important theatres: Theatre La Scala and Arcimboldi in Milan, Opera Theatre in Rome, Accademia of Santa Cecilia,  Terme di Caracalla and Parco della Musica in Rome, Teatro Massimo and Verdura in Palermo, Comunale in Bologna, Regio in Parma, Teatro Bellini in Catania, Regio in Torino, Verdi in Trieste, Filarmonico in Verona, Carlo Felice in Genova, teathres in  Pisa, Modena, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia. the Festival in Aldeburgh, Wexford and also Hollywood, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Parigi, Berlino, Bilbao, Valencia, Lausanna...performing the roles of: Leporello, Figaro, Sarastro, Conte des Grieux, Sparafucile, Colline, Arnoldo, Timur, Silva, Attila, Banco, Oroveso, Bartolo, Don Basilio, Don Profondo, Alidoro, Nettuno, Nick Shadow, Escamillo, Don Pinto, Dulcamara, Geronte.., under the direction of many conductors such as: Ahronovich, Arena, Bartoletti, Bellugi, Campanella, Ferro, Gatti, Jacobs, Maag, Muti, Oren, Palumbo, Pidò, Ranzani, Renzetti, Santi...and directors: Abbado, Bertman, Brockhaus, Carsen, Cavani, Cox, de Ana, Pier'Alli, Pizzi, Plaza, Ripa di Meana, Stein, Vick. Since 1995 he started his teaching experience helding several lessons in Italy, Slovenia, Rep. Ceca, in 2005 he is a teacher in "Sichuan Conservatory of Music" in Chengdu China. In 2009 he established the Accademia Lirica Santa Croce in Trieste, where he covers both the roles of teacher and artistic director. The Academy goal is to give a debut chance to the opera title being studied. At the end of the educational phase, the Academy foresees to realize a bill of opera shows, joined by those members interested to continue the experience. In the current year has been signed a deal within the 'Ragazzi... all'Opera' project, that involves more than 3000 school pupils inside the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Academy year is structured in several study programs centred on opera titles. The 2009 – 2010 academic year's first program has staged Gianni Schicchi by G. Puccini, Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart gaining wide critics and public success confirmed by 11 rerun. The second program has covered Christmas Carrols staged in December and January with a wind instruments orchestra, with 3 concerts.


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