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Monica GiustMonica Giust

She graduated in clarinet in 2005, at the “C. Pollini ”of Padua, under the guidance of Maestro Marco Milelli and Maestro Luca Lucchetta. She specialized in Clarinet under the guidance of the Masters Fabrizio Meloni, Vincenzo Paci, John de Beer, Jozef Kotar, Robert Stamitz and Joseph Balogh, and in Bass Clarinet with the Masters Paolo De Gaspari, Luca Lucchetta, Pedro Rubio and Stefano Cardo. She attended, at the “A. Pedrollo ”of Vicenza, the two-year specialized course in Clarinet under the guidance of Maestro Stefania Belotti and the Saxophone course with Maestro Mauro Ribichini. She has worked as a clarinetist with the Piccola Orchestra del Duomo San Marco, with the Orchestra of the Concentus Musicus Patavinus of Padua and with the Orchestra Gruppo d’Archi Veneto; She collaborates regularly with the Maniago Philharmonic and with the "In Musica Gaudium" Orchestra. From 2010 she plays in the ensemble "andantecontrio" with Lucia Zigoni (viola / vocals) and Stefano Scarpel (piano), perfecting herself in Chamber Music with the Masters with G. Saccari, S. Redaelli, G. Gulli, N. Gardi. In 2014, with this training, he obtained the Diploma of Specialization in Chamber Music with Piano under the guidance of Maestro Bruno Canino at the Music School of Fiesole and with the Trio of Parma in Portogruaro. In 2017 she graduated in chamber music at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole under the guidance of the Trio di Parma.

She is professor of clarinet and saxophone at the Musical Institute "Opitergium" of Oderzo (TV), at the School of Music of Follina (TV), at the Music School "Balbi" in Pieve di Soligo (TV) and at the School of Music of the Municipal Band "Albino Gagno" of Villorba (TV).

She attended various courses of Direction for Band: in Reggiolo (MO) under the guidance of Maestro Giuliano Moser, in Pordenone organized by the Provincial ANBIMA held by Maestro Lorenzo della Fonte and in Treviso organized by AMBAC with Maestro Daniele Carnevali. In 2016 she brilliantly concluded the "Three-Year Training Course for Masters and Band Directors" in Carlino (UD), organized by A.N.B.I.M.A. Regional of Friuli Venezia Giulia, under the guidance of Maestro Marco Somadossi. Currently she is attending High Specialization Courses, in Band Management, at ISEB (European Higher Band Institute) in Mezzocorona (TN) under the guidance of the Masters Andrea Loss, Josè Pascual Vilaplana and Alex Schilling.

Since September 2010 she has been M ° Director of the Municipal Band and the Youth Band “A. Gagno ”of Villorba (TV), and Artistic Director of the entire Music School; since 2013 she has also taken over the management of the Follina Youth Band. She has participated in several national and international competitions with the Youth Band of Villorba, which in 2015 she was ranked 1st in the International Competition "Diapason d'Oro" in Pordenone and in 3rd place in the International Competition for young musicians "Città di Treviso "; in 2016 she led the two youths groups of Villorba and Follina, gathered in a single formation, to take 2nd place in the National Competition for Youth Bands "A Prima Vista" in Valdagno (VI) and a prestigious 3rd place in the International Competition for Youth Music Band bands in Udine, where she was also awarded the Best Director award; in 2018, again at the "Musicup" competition in Udine, she brought the renewed staff of the Youth Band back to the podium, in 3rd place in category A, which currently has about forty boys.

From 2016 she is a member of the Artistic Council of the Veneto Regional ANBIMA. From September 2017 she also directs the "Amici della Musica" Band Music Complex of Tamai di Brugnera (PN).